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Welcome Assoc. Prof. Yongsheng Zhang from Alxa Vocational & Technical College, China to be committee member!

Assoc. Prof. Yongsheng Zhang

Research Area: 

Electrical Automation Control

Research Experience:

Yongsheng Zhang is an associate professor in Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Alxa Vocational and Technical College. From September 1995 to December 2009, he was engaged in the maintenance and overhaul of electrical instrument automation systems for soda ash and calcium carbide production. He has conducted in-depth research on chemical process detection and adjustment of instrumentation equipment and DCS control systems. From January 2010 to the present, he has been engaged in teaching and research in mechanical and electrical specialty courses The direction is PLC application, electrical automation control system.

Important Dates

截稿日期|Submission Deadline:

February 27, 2020  April 6, 2020


录用通知|Notification Date:

About 1-2 weeks after the submission


会议时间|Conference Date:

April 10-12, 2020

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